Educational and research activity

Educational and research activity up to 2022

Hundreds of young people united in the Youth Astronomy Club have gone through the circular forms (over 20 per year). In the summer, camp-schools and observation expeditions are organized for them. More than 60 club members have received the "Amateur Astronomer" diploma, the highest honor of the Planetarium. They have won prizes at National Physics Competitions and scholarships from the "Eureka" Foundation. The students and specialists also work on scientific projects - "Solar Patrol" of the International Center in Brussels for monitoring solar activity, meteor observations, lunar and solar eclipses, comets and other rare astronomical phenomena, research on the astronomical ideas of the oldest population in the Rhodopes, light pollution in Smolyan.

  From 1999 to 2003, the Planetarium worked on an educational project of the European Union "Stars in the School", Socrates-Comenius program (one of the first for Bulgaria). Partners in the project are 7 schools from 6 European countries: Spain (Tenerife, Canary Islands), Italy, Germany, France, Finland and Romania. Specialists and members of the Planetarium travel to these countries, and teachers and students from their schools visit Smolyan.